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Nuclear Iran: Misconstrued and defending myself

November 1, 2007

My post from 10/25/07, “How much is that nuclear bomb in the window?”, was quoted in another blog, righttruth (about seven paragraphs into the righttruth post). That blog used my words, I think, as an argument for a hawkish resolution to the Iranian nuclear problem. It’s hard to tell; the writing is unclear to me. Plus, I was misrepresented because it gave the impression, by the way it was laid out, that I said something that Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher said.

If anything, my 10/25 post was attempting to show that the immediate nuclear danger is NOT from Iran. My post gave evidence of the existence of a nuclear weapons black market and of the existence of unsecured stockpiles of nuclear material around the world.

If a nuke explodes on U.S. soil in the next five years, I bet the uranium would NOT have been enriched in Iran.