A note to my blog subscribers (and bookmarkers)

This is a new blog and I’m still working out the logistics. I’m going to make a change to my web address (URL) in the next week or so. I think it’ll still work with your news reader, but I’m not sure, so it’ll be best if you revise your subscription to my new URL (or if you’ve bookmarked the site, revise the bookmark). I’ll do another post when it’s complete.

In geek terms, I’m signing up for domain mapping with my blog host, WordPress. Domain mapping will drop the “wordpress” from my URL and officially change my URL to surviveanukeattack.com, from surviveanukeattack.wordpress.com. My blog has always been reachable by just navigating to surviveanukeattack.com because I use domain forwarding from my domain registrar (GoDaddy), which redirects traffic to surviveanukeattack.wordpress.com. But domain mapping makes it so the URL will never change again, which would happen every time I switched to a new blog host. Better to change it now than later.

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One Comment on “A note to my blog subscribers (and bookmarkers)”

  1. I don’t undertand “domain mapping”, but would like to, for my new blog site:troneill.wordpress.com, which will concern my new book (12/2011) on the first dedicated nuke bombers… the B-36 and the B-35 Northrop Flying Wing. From what I’ve been reading by Global Research, we’re heading toward WW III, and the US is pushing it, for the oil and the weapon-selling barons. I’m 82, and my life spans WW II and the ColdWar, and I recall ‘duck and cover’ and SAC on 24-hour alert, and building bomb shelters in people’s homes, etc.
    With no equivalent of the ‘1940s USA’ to stop these illegal wars and government control of the media, this ‘surviveanukeattack’ oinfo seems very valuable.
    Here we go again — and, I hope, not for the last time.
    Terrence O’Neill

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