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Cynicism and Irony

October 23, 2007

Pardon this cynical and facetious thought but I have a solution to global warming: nuclear winter. A bunch of nukes would create an abundance of dust and smoke in the atmosphere, which would shade the earth from the sun and lower global temperatures. While studies of the affects of nuclear winter are theoretical, it seems to be widely accepted. Famous astronomer Carl Sagan, who was no chump, first proposed nuclear winter.

And note this irony: Nuclear energy has the potential to both destroy the earth and to save the earth. While a nuclear war would immediately kill many and slowly kill more (nuclear winter, cancer), nuclear power plants may be the only practical solution to global warming. Every energy source has problems and some are quite damaging—don’t get me started on coal—but nuclear power does not emit greenhouse gases. In fact, some well-known environmentalists are now pro-nuclear, such as Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore and British environmentalist James Lovelock.

Full Disclosure: I own uranium mining stocks in my investment portfolio. This is not a political statement as I invest only to make money.