An editorial decision

I received a comment to my post of 12/3/07 (“Bet on surviving a nuclear bomb and have a plan”), which I have pasted in below. This blog is set up with the option of approving or deleting comments. I don’t like to delete comments; it smacks of censorship. Yet online communities often need moderating for such things like keeping people on topic and weeding out malicious posts.

Even though it seems sincere, I’m deleting the comment because it’s off topic. I don’t want this blog to turn into a soapbox for people to voice religious beliefs. This blog is about how to survive the blast and radiation of a nuclear bomb, not biblical prophecies. That said, the writer makes a decent comment about the CBS show Jericho, a show about survival after a nuclear bomb, and I’ll talk about Jericho at some point.

My apologies to the comment-writer. Here’s his comment:

From a biblical perspective, the USA is not mentioned in the end times bible prophecy. When Israel’s enemies attack her as described in biblical prophecy, no-one comes to her aid, including the USA. Ever wonder why? Bin Laden is not supid. He knows that the USA protects Israel and a pre-requisite for destroying Israel is to disable or destroy her protector. If the USA was so focused on surviving and rebuilding from a nuclear attack, we may not be physically and militarily capable of coming to anyone’s aid. Public outcry would demand that we focus our resources to taking care of the USA before others.

The Jericho TV series on CBS provides an interesting scenario of what it may be like after an attack.

Remember the 3 B’s: Bibles, Bullets, & Batteries!


The comment-writer responded to my decision with this comment, which I approved (he awkwardly posted it in the contact link to my email address, which I have no control of):

I understand your editorial decision to remove my post mentioning biblical prophecy. I can’t say that I blame you, based on the focus of your site that you wish to preserve. Religious wackos could definitely hijack this blog, and they unfortunately taint the opinions of the more level headed evangelical Christians. Some sites have such ridiculous religous perspectives posted, they are a waste of time to read.

I just started subscribing to “Survive a Nuke Attack” a few days ago and enjoy the discussion. Nice site.



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