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I’m still debating (with myself) on content for this blog. The issue this week is whether to blog about news items. I think news about nuclear weapons is relevant as it relates to the probability of an attack. But if I mention an incident and link to it, chances are, unless you’re a news junkie, the source article is information overkill. Generally, the headline tells us 95 percent of what we need to know, i.e., the situation is getting worse. But this is the web so I have to include the link. If a link is worth checking out, I’ll say so and tell you why.

I’m getting most of my nuclear news from a free email service I signed up for on the homepage of National Terror Alert at If you’re looking for breaking homeland security news, I recommend their email alerts, which come about once a week. I’ll poke around the rest of their website later and let you know what I find as there seems to be some decent stuff, like a survival guide for different types of attacks and a survival gear store. I’ve placed their link in the blogroll.

Going forward, if their weekly email has news related to nuclear terrorism, I’ll post the headline, which will link to the article in the National Terror Alert website. Usually at the bottom of their one-page article is a link to their source article. Some good (read: bad) stuff this week:

Canadian Defence Minister – Dirty Bomb or Nuclear Device Greatest Threat To North America

Police Seize Suspected Enriched Uranium – 3 Arrested In Plot To Sell It In Slovakia

UK – Top Officer Warns Of Nuclear Terror Threat

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